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We do custom engraving on aluminum, steel/brass, or plastic.  We can print on aluminum as well. Aluminum comes in any size up to 12" X 24" and the color options are gold, black, red, blue, orange, or green.  


Steel/brass comes in any size up to 12" X 24".  Color options for steel/brass are gold brass, black plated brass, black plated steel, red plated steel, blue plated steel, purple plated steel or green plated steel.  


Plastic comes in any size up to 12" X 24".  The color options and print colors are gold/black, black/white, white/black, red/white, white/red, blue/white, white/blue, silver/black or walnut/white.  


Aluminum comes in any size up to 12" X 24".  The color options are gold, silver, or white.  Full color printing.


There are no minimum orders for any custom engraving.  


***We also engrave name tags, key chains, nameplates, etc.  Click Specialty Items to see examples of other products that can be engraved.


Call or email us with the details of your order to obtain a quote.  





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